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Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.


Abby Road is the first step in a major campaign of alliances with media, publishing and film companies - Satjiv Chahil (1995)


The new tool kit has been designed to help fledgling multimedia programmers...through easy-to-use tools as well as support and training resources. - Satjiv Chahil (1993)

QuickTime VR

The QuickTime technology used to create this extensive virtual experience on a Web site is merely the tip of the iceberg insofar as the endless possibilities available to retailers for the Internet. - Satjiv Chahil (1996)

Secure Digital

Today Chahil is chief marketing officer at Palm, and the company has a similar plan: Palm wants to put secure digital (SD) expansion slots in all of its handheld computers. - Jon Fortt (2001)


The computer industry and the entertainment industry are working towards a common goal: the easy distribution of high-quality video and audio.        - Satjiv Chahil (1996)


A tap of a finger takes the families to the information, education and entertainment they seek. - Satjiv Chahil (2016)


The Firewire standard is the first to permit attachment of new digital consumer products - including digital video disks, music-systems...directly to a personal computer.


Instead of tuning into Dick Clark, people will tune into the Web and see Santana - Satjiv Chahil (1995)

Sony Vaio

In every product category we showed that Sony raised the bar...but what was special is all of our products were integrated. - Satjiv Chahil (1998)

Hearable Tech

The next trend of wearables will be ear-worn, predicating an imminent rise of "hearables". - Satjiv Chahil (2016)

Apple in Japan

The company's Japanese connection is part of its core strategy to become a player in the world's gigantic consumer-electronics market and to pull away from the pack of U.S. personal-computer makers fighting for modest profits and tiny gains in market share. - Gross and Rebello (1992)

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